Acknowledging Contributions of Black STEM Professionals

In a recent newsletter from BioCT, a blog post written by J.P. Carroll was shared titled, “Black History Month: Black trailblazers in science and biotechnology that you need to know.” Link to the article is below. Here at Beyond the PhD, we felt sharing this content to our community is important as it helps to recognize the vast accomplishments of marginalized individuals who so often were not accredited or appreciated for their work in real time.

BioCT considers itself “the industry voice for bioscience” in Connecticut. They provide various resources to enhance the CT bioscience ecosystem such as entrepreneurship, government advocacy, education, and mentoring. To learn more about BioCT, go to

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To read about these 32 trailblazers, you can find Carroll’s blog article here: 

Published by Rachel Gilmore

Rachel is a third year PhD candidate in the Biomedical Science program at UConn Health. She studies a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, Prader-Willi Syndrome, using stem cell and stem cell-derived neuron models. Outside of lab, she enjoys hiking, yoga, good food, lots of coffee, and snuggling with her cat.

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