🌍Global Minds: Celebrating Diversity and Success – September International Student Spotlight📚✨

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This month at Beyond the PhD we are focused on international students. International students often bring unique perspectives and experiences that enhance the overall academic environment. Their different educational systems and approaches to learning diversify classroom discussions, encouraging critical thinking and the exchange of ideas. Collaborating with international students also exposes local students to different learning styles and challenges them to broaden their horizons. By interacting with individuals from different backgrounds, students gain valuable intercultural communication skills and develop a global perspective that is highly sought after in today’s interconnected world.

Beyond the PhD will share the stories of a few international students throughout September, including undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs. We hope that their stories inspire, educate, and want to help you enact change in the world. Then on September 14th, we are hosting Dana Bucin an immigration lawyer from Murtha Cullina LLP to discuss visa types, application processes, and how international students can start preparing early for visa success.

We invite international students to submit a photo and blurb of themselves working or doing science or studying what they are passionate about. More information can be found here and photos can be submitted here.

Beyond the PhD hopes to help you on your educational journey to finding your STEM career.

Published by Robert Pijewski

Robert is the co-founder and co-director of Beyond the PhD. Beyond the PhD (previously AIOG) was founded at UConn Health while Robert was completing his PhD in biomedical science. After graduating, Robert has taught as an adjunct at a few colleges, and is now an assistant professor at Anna Maria College teaching in both the biology and mathematics department. Outside of science, Robert likes trying new recipes, traveling, and playing piano.

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