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Friday December 16th 2022
Seasons Greetings!!! From everyone at Beyond the PhD we wish you a safe and happy holiday among friends and family. If you are not traveling this year we hope you can still take some time off to relax, reflect, and rejuvinate. See you next year!!
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Biochemist to Director for Portfolio Strategy at Cambridge Epigenetix

Beyond the PhD recently had the pleasure of hosting a seminar by Dr. Tom Charlesworth who serves as the Director for Portfolio Strategy at Cambridge Epigenetix. After obtaining his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, he worked at a medical communications agency and the Wellcome Trust which allowed to gain a repertoire of non-scientific skills relevant to his current role at Cambridge Epigenetix. Read more here!

Author: Sai Krishnan
Categories: careers, Director, Event blog post

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Career Comparison: Genetic Counselor vs. Clinical Geneticist

Genetics and genomics are currently, and have been, a hot topic in science and medicine. Several career paths are available to those interested in the field of genetics, such as becoming a genetic counselor or a clinical geneticist. Both of these careers are constantly expanding to improve and advance the state of healthcare and our understanding of genetics as a whole, however, there are key differences between these two genetics experts. Click to read more!

Author: Antonio Mele
Categories: careers, Clinical Tracks, genetic counseling

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