Thursday March 9th 2023
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Dr. Eugene Manley Jr is the Director of STEM Workforce Initiatives at LUNGevity. He has launched a Minority Mentorship and Training Program for Health Equity grant awardees, runs 3 health equity webinar series, does STEM outreach and engagement, and partners with groups to address disparities and inequities that impact underrepresented groups and underserved populations. He is an inspirational speaker and often talks about navigating STEM, mentoring, patient advocacy, workforce diversity, and issues impacting low income and marginalized communities.

He is a Mechanical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, and Molecular and Cell Biologist that specializes in musculoskeletal biology, biomechanics, and cancer biology. He has used systems biology approaches to unravel complex problems at the cellular, molecular, and whole organismal level and developed new techniques and therapeutic approaches.

Prior to LUNGevity, he was the Director of Scientific Programs at the Lung Cancer Research Foundation where he oversaw the entire grant administration system, created a Minority Career Development Award, liaised between internal and external stakeholders, and wrote scientific updates. Prior to that, at the American Association for Cancer Research as Assistant Director of Corporate Alliances, he leveraged his 20+ years of engineering and biology lab work to build relationships with Biotech and Pharma to support AACR programs and initiatives. His philosophy is not what can he do for himself, but what can he do to help and advocate for those that don’t have voices at the table.

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From Academia to Entrepreneurship

From Academia to Entrepreneurship
Are you interested in business exploring entrepreneurship after academics or commercializing research? Beyond the PhD hosted Vincent Troung who is the chief operating officer (COO) and co-founder of Anatomic Incorporated. Vincent shared his journey into entrepreneurship and relevant details about founding a scientific company.

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