Saturday April 30th 2022

The Weekend is Here!

We hope you had a great week! The team at Beyond the PhD is planning summer events for you including one-on-one peer review sessions to go over job materials, start that LinkedIn profile, more information below.

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Summer Office Hours

This summer, Beyond the PhD is trying something new. We are offering a
program called Summer Office Hours.

For 4 years, we have offered seminars, networking events, and opportunities for you to build upon your own working documents. The purpose of this program is have peer review of anything you’d like related to career development including you...


- CV

-LinkedIn page

-Job application materials


-discuss career transitions,

-ask us about our experience with academia and industry, job searching, finishing your graduate program.

Many other programs make you pay for these services. We are offering this as a free resource for our community. We ARE trainees HELPING other trainees. This is part of Beyond the PhD's mission to help our colleagues find their career beyond the bench, beyond graduate school, beyond the traditional route. So give us a try, sign up below, and if you’re happy, leave us a warm note to tell others what you thought.

Career Blog

Written by students for students

Amanda Rendall: Transitioning into an MSL Role

Do you have a passion for teaching and enjoy finding new ways to effectively communicate scientific ideas to the public? If so, a career as a Medical Science Liason (MSL) may be perfect for you. This past month, Beyond the PhD had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Amanda Rendall, an MSL affiliated with AbbVie pharmaceuticals who specializes in therapeutics designed …

Author: Britt Knight PhD, Co-Director

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