Friday June 24th 2022

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Cerneos BtPhD Strategic Partnership
Beyond the PhD welcomes Cerneos Group LLC as a strategic partner to foster career advising and transition programs from academia into industry. Cerneos is a global life science consultancy that takes biotech and life sciences concepts and develops them into innovations in healthcare. As a strategic partner Cerneos will be offering career advising and mentoring, job shadowing and networking and consulting opportunities for persons interested in making the transition from academia to industry.

If you are interested in medical writing Cerneos offers paid writing experiences for graduate and postdoctoral fellows. Inquire directly to Richard Tharin, CEO of Cerneos about this opportunity.


The Ambassador Program was established Spring 2022 and is a program that invites college students to intern with Beyond the PhD during the Spring or Fall school semesters. Ambassadors are invited to participate in weekly team meetings to plan Career Discovery Seminars, meet science professionals, and write articles for a Career Blog (written by students for students) on various careers and opportunities in science. We hope that through the Ambassador Program, and the help of students at your institution, that we can supply trainees with the opportunities and resources to succeed in science.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated upper level college students in science programs or students that are interested in pursuing careers in science to apply. Skills learned during the internship include writing, public speaking, and event planning. Come join the Beyond the PhD team today!

Apply by August 15th to be considered for our Fall Beyond the PhD Ambassador Program!

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From Neurobiologist to Research Geneticist
From PhD to Assistance Professor

Career Blog

Written by students for students

How to find quality mentors in your PhD and beyond

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Click to read some tips and tricks from Natalie Sandlin, Content Manager, Beyond the PhD Ambassador for Boston College for choosing mentors during your career journey.

Author: Natalie Sandlin

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