December 24, 2021

Happy Holidays!

We hope you are enjoying the holidays among friends and family.

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Ambassador Program

Seeking Ambassadors for Spring 2022!

Are you a undergraduate or graduate student looking to get ahead of your career? We are looking for student representatives from college and university campuses in the US and abroad to join our team! As an Beyond the PhD ambassador will gain leadership experience, gain access to information about exciting careers, and grow your professional network. More information about the program can be found here. Deadline to apply for the Spring semester is Jan 14th.

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Navigating Science Conversations with Non-Scientists: Holiday Edition

top view of a family praying before christmas dinner
By Natalie Sandlin and Rachel Gilmore For many of us, the winter season, and the various holidays throughout, mean spending extra time with family. With this time comes the sometimes-dreaded questions: “What do you do?” or “What are you researching?” This may afford us the opportunity of discussing science-related topics with individuals who may not be so familiar with science, …

Author: Natalie Sandlin

Career Planning – Is now the right time?

Career Planning – Is now the right time?
Thinking about the future can be daunting, especially as PhD student who has multiple years before graduating and entering the workforce. As a student, you often hear of two tracks, academia or industry. Although this may seem pretty clear cut, there are a variety of roles and jobs within both of these sectors. Early on in my PhD, I realized …

Author: Dominique Martin

A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art

A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art
If you have a passion for both science and art, then you may want to watch the following seminar that details the exciting and rewarding pathway to becoming a successful Medical Illustrator. At the beginning of November, Beyond the PhD hosted a talk by Ni-Ka Ford, a Medical Illustrator from the Icahn School of Medicine in Mt. Sinai, NY. At …

Author: hwanczyk

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