Friday February 4th 2022

Happy Friday!

We hope you had a wonderful week! The team at Beyond the PhD is busy planning seminars, our annual networking event in March, and 2-part career development workshop coming this Spring.

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If you are a career professional that is interested in sharing their career journey at our networking event March 17th, please use the button on the right to drop us a message.


Academic Careers Off the Research Tenure Path
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Upcoming Event: Academic Careers Off the Research Tenure Path

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Not all academic careers follow the research tenure path! Come learn about teaching and admin positions with Giulia and Pamela on February 10th at 3pm (eastern).

Author: Britt Knight PhD, Co-Director

Printing new horizons: a career in bioprinting

Printing new horizons: a career in bioprinting
In December, Beyond the PhD had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Taciana Pereira, Vice President and General Manager, 3D Systems Corporation to share her journey and discuss careers in tissue engineering. Click here to read more!

Author: Sai Krishnan

PhD Transparency

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Natalie Sandlin graduate student at Boston College and coordinator of the Beyond the PhD Ambassador Program shares her thoughts on approaching career exploration.

Author: Natalie Sandlin

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