November 2021

Happy Friday!

We hope you are having a good week! We have a few things we have been cooking at Beyond the PhD that we want to make sure you know about!


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Beyond the PhD Ambassador Program is a grassroots organization to promote education of careers in science on college and university campuses. This is an internship opportunity to inspire and engage students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art

A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art
If you have a passion for both science and art, then you may want to watch the following seminar that details the exciting and rewarding pathway to becoming a successful Medical Illustrator. At the beginning of November, Beyond the PhD hosted a talk by Ni-Ka Ford, a Medical Illustrator from the Icahn School of Medicine in Mt. Sinai, NY. At …

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The Friday Crossword

Enjoy a holiday crossword during those end of the week experiments, grant writing, or other tasks.
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