November 2021

Happy Friday!

We hope you are having a good week! We have a few things we have been cooking at Beyond the PhD that we want to make sure you know about!


Our Top Stories

Career Seminar on Bioprinting Dec. 9!!

Join Beyond the PhD on December 9th to learn about a career in 3D Bioprinting Technologies and Advances! Taci Pereira is the Vice President and General Manager of Bioprinting at 3D Systems, where she leads the development and commercialization of research tools for 3D bioprinting applications. Prior to that, she was Chief Scientific Officer at Allevi, a startup acquired by …

A Year In Review: 2021

Dear reader, A year has come and gone. The world feels a little different, people are working from home, and not unlike the majority of the American workforce, people are freeing themselves from traditional work environments. The undergraduate and graduate training process is also changing. Students and early career professionals are often daring to dream differently about their careers and …

We cover all types of careers!

The Friday Crossword

Enjoy a holiday crossword during those end of the week experiments, grant writing, or other tasks.
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