Caitlyn Monterosso

Which event did you attend today?

CV and resume writing workshop

What did you take away from today’s event?

More specific guidelines on how to write a CV, and the comparisons between a CV and resume. Strong use of action words, creative communication, and good use of white space were all emphasized points, as well as what differs between an academic versus industry CV content inclusion wise

Antonio Mele

Which event did you attend today? Career Showcase: Genetic Counselor
What did you take away from today’s event? I learned that there are a variety of career opportunities for those interested in genetic counseling.
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Jennifer Stroop, MS, CGC, did an excellent job showcasing the field of genetic counseling. After attending this seminar, I feel that I have a greater understanding of how to become a genetic counselor and of the numerous employment avenues within the field.

Megan Schladetsch

Which event did you attend today? Career Discovery Seminar: From PhD to MSL

Amanda Rendall did a terrific job with the MSL career path, responsibilities and overall a positive and candid conversation. I very much enjoyed this event and thought it was a good balance of information and personal anecdotes to allow attendees to relate and compare to their personal experiences.

Brandon Albright, Ph.D.

Client Support Specialist

Promega Corporation

I received my Ph.D. from the UConn Health Center in 2015. At that time, I was focused on pursuing an academic career but only because I really didn’t know what else to do. During my first Postdoc at Yale, I was surrounded by 7th year postdocs – people who lived in the lab, but really still didn’t have a clear path forward. And these people were very capable and hard-working. As a father of 3, and no real desire to spend every waking hour in a lab, stressed out about funding (or lack thereof) and all of the other peripheral duties of managing your own lab, I realized that I needed to focus more on designing my future.

At Yale, I became increasingly interested in alternative careers, joining groups that supported this cause. It is when I was in my second Postdoctoral appointment at the Jackson Laboratory in Farmington where I really went all-in on trying to figure out – and to pursue – my next steps. I attended every career roundtable and networking event I could. I had a list of the things that I wanted in a career and this was the most effective way to vet my choices. The more events I attended, the more I realized what positions I would want, which positions I definitely don’t want and, most importantly, what networks I need to build to pursue my options.

The AIOG was instrumental in all of these steps. I attended all of their functions I could make it to. I not only learned what jobs were a good fit for me, I also learned that I was actually a lot more qualified for jobs I thought were out of my reach. The more I talked to people who were in my shoes in the not-so-distant past, the more I realized that my career as a Graduate Student and as a Postdoc gave me a number of skills that I never realized. This gave me an incredible amount of confidence in applying, while helping build up my network.

In Early 2019, I attended a career speed-dating event hosted by the AIOG. This event was so well thought out, with such a diverse set of alternative career professionals, that I was able to decide on a potential career that night. I had spoken to a Sales Manager for Promega Corporation that evening. The more we talked about the role of a Sales Rep in that company, the more I realized that this job checked off all of my boxes. We spoke extensively after the event and I submitted my application the next day. I now work for an incredible company, helping scientists do great science with an amazing work-life balance. I wake up every day thankful for this job. This is what the AIOG has done for me. Thank you!

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