Beyond the PhD welcomes Cerneos Group LLC as a strategic partner to foster career advising and transition programs from academia into industry.  Cerneos is a global life science consultancy that takes biotech and life sciences concepts and develops them into innovations in healthcare.  As a strategic partner Cerneos will be offering career advising and mentoring, job shadowing and networking and  consulting opportunities for persons interested in making the transition from academia to industry.

If you are interested in medical writing Cerneos offers paid writing experiences for graduate and postdoctoral fellows. Inquire directly to Richard Tharin, CEO of Cerneos, email provided below, about this opportunity.




The CerneosGroup, LLC

831 Beacon Street #325Newton, MA 02459 USA

Global Resources for the Life Sciences

Services include:

Scientific and Technical consulting:  Discovery and development, R&D feasibility, lead optimization

Finance and Non-Dilutive funding resources: Access to financiers, investors and NIH, NSF and SBA Grants

Global Regulatory Services:  Strategy  and submission prep for biotech, medical devices and pharma solutions  

Clinical Trials:  Planning, Strategy, Management and monitoring resources

Technical and Scientific Resources:  Networking resources to incubators, developers and engineering resources.

Project Development Management and Coordination: Project and Business Planning, Staff Development

Our projects include:

COVID-19 and infectious disease therapeutic and diagnostic product development

Telehealth diagnostic equipment for seniors and patients with mobility issues

Regulatory, Clinical, Manufacturing and Project Management Services for Biotech innovators  

Grant writing and preparation services for NIH, NSF, SBA and Foundation grants

Environmental Sampling and Hazardous Materials Management Services 

Regulatory Assistance for Telehealth projects in Sub-Saharan African Nations

Microfluidic Diagnostics for AIDS Patients in Africa and Latin America

Richard Tharin, MS, RAC

Inquire about Cerneos services today.

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