Megan Schladetsch

Which event did you attend today? Career Discovery Seminar: From PhD to MSL

Amanda Rendall did a terrific job with the MSL career path, responsibilities and overall a positive and candid conversation. I very much enjoyed this event and thought it was a good balance of information and personal anecdotes to allow attendees to relate and compare to their personal experiences.

Published by Britt Knight PhD, Co-Director

I received my PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Connecticut. My doctoral research focused on basic mechanisms in peripheral inflammatory pain biology. After, I completed about two years of postdoctoral research understanding how biomaterials can be used to deliver analgesics for treating musculoskeletal pain. Currently, I am the Program Coordinator for the United States Association for the Study of Pain (USASP) under the larger International organization (IASP).

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