Career as Manager of Field Application Scientists

Beyond the PhD welcomes Todd Jensen, a Manager of Field Application Scientists at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Come hear about his career path on Thursday January 20th at 2pm ET.

Todd Jensen is current a Manager of Field Application Scientists in the Northeast and MidAtlantic for Thermo Fisher Scientific. These scientists provide training and support for our qPCR instruments and assays including all EUA approved COVID testing kits.

Todd began his research career at Yale University in 2007 as a Research Technician studying transplant rejection in humanized mouse models. He then joined the Finck Laboratory at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in 2010. He studied tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches to pediatric lung disease and esophageal defects. Todd progressed to the role of Research Associate 2 and Laboratory Manager as well as a surgical research advisor for surgical disciplines at CT Children’s.

Shortly after he began his research career, he began to teach as adjunct faculty at private colleges and then the states community college system. This year will be 14 years as an adjunct instructor where he continues to teach human biology lecture courses online.

He is originally from Farmington, CT and attended Sacred Heart University where he graduated with his bachelor’s in biology & Chemistry. Todd then went on to receive a master’s in health science from Quinnipiac University in Medical Laboratory Sciences. He is currently completing his master’s in business administration with an anticipated graduation date of June 2022.

Join us on Thursday Jan. 20th to learn more about Todd’s career path.

Published by Rachel Gilmore

Rachel is a third year PhD candidate in the Biomedical Science program at UConn Health. She studies a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, Prader-Willi Syndrome, using stem cell and stem cell-derived neuron models. Outside of lab, she enjoys hiking, yoga, good food, lots of coffee, and snuggling with her cat.

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