What is Beyond the PhD thankful for this holiday season?

We hope you had a great holiday among family and friends. Hopefully you were able to take some time away to relax and enjoy! From the team at Beyond the PhD we wanted to share a little about what we are thankful for!

Rob is thankful for finding a full-time position teaching at Anna Maria College. “My journey through STEM, I have been incredibly lucky to work with amazing individuals that have helped me find my career as an educator”. Rob is also thankful every day that he gets to work with an amazing team at Beyond the PhD. “I am beyond grateful that I get to work and build content with a dedicated, talented, and passionate group of individuals year after year. A team that helps bring my dreams into reality.”

Britt is thankful for the amazing opportunities Beyond the PhD has given me as a leader, mentor, and career enthusiast. “I am thankful for all the incredible people I’ve been blessed to meet during our office hours programs, seminars, networking events, and new partnerships! I am excited to see where 2023 takes us!”

Rachel is immensely thankful for her support crew, both inside of the lab and out. “After a year of big happenings – switching PI’s, modifying my thesis project, returning to in-person conferences, becoming a published author for the first time, and getting my wisdom teeth out – I have never been more grateful for my incredible partner, family, friends, and co-workers. I’m looking forward to this coming year to be one of growth, stability, and some first authorship publications. It truly takes a village to complete a PhD, and I’m so lucky to have my village beside me.”

Dominique is thankful for great peers and mentors in grad school! “I am surrounded by people who help me succeed every day. I have quality mentors who care about my training and growth and allow me to explore career paths outside academia. I also have wonderful lab members, peers, and friends who make the grad school experience so much better. I’m so thankful that I get to work and collaborate with these people every day.”

Natalie is thankful for quality mentors and mentees in grad school! “I have been very fortunate to have a number of formal and informal mentors to help guide me through the uncertainty that research and a PhD program can bring. And through these mentors, I’ve also gained insight on how to be a good mentor to my undergraduate students in the lab, who are all amazing and I’m very happy I get to work with them!”

Sai is thankful for finally finding a lab for her dissertation research after a year of lab rotations. “I    was incredibly lucky for being able to explore different research areas through my rotations and to finally land a lab with an amazing team. I am also beyond grateful for my community of friends and colleagues at the Jackson Laboratory, UConn Health and Beyond the PhD.”

Published by Britt Knight PhD, Director

I received my PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Connecticut. My doctoral research focused on basic mechanisms in peripheral inflammatory pain biology. After, I completed about two years of postdoctoral research understanding how biomaterials can be used to deliver analgesics for treating musculoskeletal pain I transitioned to the Program Coordinator position for the United States Association for the Study of Pain (USASP). I am also the regional Director of CT Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

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