This article is part of the 2023 International Student Perspectives Collection I had read and heard of homeless people sleeping on the streets in alleyways and corners. Still, as IContinue reading “MY FIRST TRIP AWAY FROM HOME”

From Brain to Pharma: My Journey into the World of Pharmacometrics

This article is part of the 2023 International Student Perspectives Collection. As a neuroscience enthusiast, I have always been captivated by the complexities of the brain, delving into the intricaciesContinue reading “From Brain to Pharma: My Journey into the World of Pharmacometrics”

An International PhD Student’s Guidebook

Every PhD journey is unique, and mine was a blend of challenges and triumphs. I invite you to craft your own strategy to overcome hurdles and find joy in the pursuit of knowledge. Read my full story and be inspired!

To Master’s or PhD: a beginner’s guide to North America

This article was written to provide some helpful considerations for those interested in applying to graduate programs in the US and Canada.

🌍Global Minds: Celebrating Diversity and Success – September International Student Spotlight📚✨

Dive into the enriching world of international students at Beyond the PhD, where their diverse perspectives and experiences enhance academia. Discover inspiring stories throughout September and gain insights from an immigration lawyer on visa success preparation, all while celebrating the global perspective in STEM education

Cloudy with a Chance of Hermit Crabs

🦀 🏀 Dive into a tale that sounds crazy but holds an incredible lesson! From overtime losses to an artist’s determination, this journey reveals the power of resilience, curiosity, and becoming the ocean. Prepare to be amazed and inspired! 🌊 Read the full story now. #Inspiration #Curiosity #Resilience”

No matter the path you take, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be

Personal Perspective – Connor Merinder: Life is rarely straightforward, and I carved out an unusual path toward my future in biomedical engineering by gaining valuable insight and skills from each and every person along that way.

What is Beyond the PhD thankful for this holiday season?

This year the Beyond the PhD shared what they are thankful for! Click to read more.

Meet Antonio Mele Fall 2022 Beyond the PhD Campus Ambassador

I am passionate about lifestyle medicine and translating advances in precision medicine into specific disease treatments and preventative strategies. As an aspiring Genetic Counselor, I seek to uphold the privilegeContinue reading “Meet Antonio Mele Fall 2022 Beyond the PhD Campus Ambassador”

Confessions of a Perpetual Student

Personal perspective piece from Beyond the PhD Team member Deepa Anjan Kumar.

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