Applying to Graduate School? Fall Office Hours: Application Review

Are you ready to take your academic journey to the next level? Beyond the PhD is thrilled to present a fun and helpful event just for you! This autumn, we’reContinue reading “Applying to Graduate School? Fall Office Hours: Application Review”

Advice from Graduate Admissions Committees for PhD Applicants

The Beyond the PhD Team contacted members of different Graduate School Admissions Committees to ask for their advice for students applying to programs. We have provided their tips for theContinue reading “Advice from Graduate Admissions Committees for PhD Applicants”

An International PhD Student’s Guidebook

Every PhD journey is unique, and mine was a blend of challenges and triumphs. I invite you to craft your own strategy to overcome hurdles and find joy in the pursuit of knowledge. Read my full story and be inspired!

To Master’s or PhD: a beginner’s guide to North America

This article was written to provide some helpful considerations for those interested in applying to graduate programs in the US and Canada.

Cracking the Dissertation Code: Insider Tips for Writing Success

The summer months can be a great time to write some papers or even get started on your dissertation. If you are wondering how to begin the process then this article is for you! Written by a PhD graduate to help her peers get the ball rolling.

An in depth look at IDPs: know yourself and prepare for the future ahead

If you are feeling lost in the next steps of your professional development or just need help organizing your goals, then an individual development plan (IDP) is for you! 

7 Incredible Tips, PhD Candidate Approved and Tested, for Interviewing for Graduate School

Graduate school interviews can be a daunting process. These interviews may be conducted in person or virtually depending on the program. However, preparing for interviews can help you succeed, and have great interactions with potential faculty and colleagues. During graduate school interviews, you may meet with primary investigators or PIs whose lab you are interested in, other faculty, and current students. Making a positive and lasting impression during your interview can increase your chances of getting an offer into a masters or PhD program. 

Applying to Graduate School?

Are you or do you know someone that is applying for graduate school? Schedule a 30-minute call with one of the Beyond the PhD team members to review your application materials.Continue reading “Applying to Graduate School?”

How to find quality mentors in your PhD and beyond

Click to read some tips and tricks from Natalie Sandlin, Content Manager, Beyond the PhD Ambassador for Boston College for choosing mentors during your career journey.

Post-Graduation Job Opportunities: GOglobal Graduate Programs

Merck KGaA’s GOglobal Graduate Programs are made for graduates within one year of earning an MBA, Masters, and/or PhD. Rachel Gilmore one of Beyond the PhD’s Team members recently attended an informational webinar on these programs and decided to share what she learned in this blog article! click to learn more!

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