Applying to Graduate School?

Are you or do you know someone that is applying for graduate school? Schedule a 30-minute call with one of the Beyond the PhD team members to┬áreview your application materials.Continue reading “Applying to Graduate School?”

A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art

If you have a passion for both science and art, then you may want to watch the following seminar that details the exciting and rewarding pathway to becoming a successfulContinue reading “A Career in Biovisualization: Describing Science Through Art”

Interviewing Kerry Silva: Creator of Bolded Science

In this article one of our writers, Christina Miles, sits down and picks the brain of SciComm writer Kerry Silva to talk about her science blog Bolded Science.

Smart Tribe: A New Way to Network

This July, I interviewed Beatrice Zatorska, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Tribe. Beatrice is based in London, but Smart Tribe is a global platform that has users from multipleContinue reading “Smart Tribe: A New Way to Network”

Finding a job during COVID-19

Dr. Keilich, UConn alumni, talks about his transition from PhD to industry during COVID-19.

Insights Regarding the Path to Scientific Start-Ups

Dr. Levi Smith, a Senior Research Scientist from Halda Therapeutics, recently visited UConn Health to talk with graduate students, post-docs, and others about his path to working at a start-up company.

Careers in Venture Development

Dr. Mostafa Analoui discusses his wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the reality of entrepreneurship and innovation within the field of biomedical science.

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