What is Your Brand?

Join us on September 8 and 15 for this exciting new workshop led by Amy Aines. Amy Aines is the Founder of Talking STEM- Building Vital Communication Skills to Launch Successful Career and has a website championingscience.com with great resources! Click to read more or register for this event!

10 Networking Tips and Tricks: Speed Networking Addition

10 networking tips for professionals wanting to make an impression at their next networking event, conference, or job interview.

Navigating Science Conversations with Non-Scientists: Holiday Edition

By Natalie Sandlin and Rachel Gilmore For many of us, the winter season, and the various holidays throughout, mean spending extra time with family. With this time comes the sometimes-dreadedContinue reading “Navigating Science Conversations with Non-Scientists: Holiday Edition”

Career Planning – Is now the right time?

Thinking about the future can be daunting, especially as PhD student who has multiple years before graduating and entering the workforce. As a student, you often hear of two tracks,Continue reading “Career Planning – Is now the right time?”

Finding a job during COVID-19

Dr. Keilich, UConn alumni, talks about his transition from PhD to industry during COVID-19.

Grit is a predictor of success

Angela Lee Duckworth, UPenn, speaks on her career experiences teaching middle school math in a New York public school and how she learned IQ is not a fair assessment of intelligence.

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