“Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they could ever be alone”

Beyond the PhD recently had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jared Kehe, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Concerto Biosciences, a company focused on creating microbial ensembles to rehabilitate poorly functioning microbiomes with impacts from human health to the food industry. Dr. Kehe pulls on his foundational background in bioengineering, particularly his PhD workContinue reading ““Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they could ever be alone””

Dr. Fiona Watts- Insights into the Importance of Scientific Communication

In this talk with Beyond the PhD (AIOG), Dr. Watts emphasized the importance of communicating science to the public through networking, which will provide researchers the opportunity to learn new skills and improve how they present their work to the public

Insights on transitioning from academia to industry

photo: https://www.cell.com/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)30553-0 This month, AIOG had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Clifford J. Woolf who is presently the F. M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Director, Boston Children’s Hospital, and a Neurology/Neurobiology Professor at Harvard Medical School. In addition to these positions, Dr. Woolf is the co-founder of two precision medicine companies, QurAlis and Nocion Therapeutics. His currentContinue reading “Insights on transitioning from academia to industry”

When Disciplines Collide: Career Options in Bioethics and Science Policy

This winter, AIOG has had the pleasure of hosting two science policy professionals for separate seminars: Dr. Zubin Master, an Associate Professor of Biomedical Ethics at the Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Kirstin R.W. Matthews, a fellow in science and technology policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. Both shared their unique career paths through science policy and offered insights as to how to make the transition from PhD to Policy.

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