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Outside of science, one of my passions is to travel and experience new places, cultures, and food. While it may not seem that a career in the sciences or signing yourself up for more school by pursuing a PhD would allow the time or means to explore this interest, I have found that my scientific career has led to many opportunities to travel that I may not have had otherwise. So let me tell you about a few of the ways I have been able to travel within my PhD.

An in depth look at IDPs: know yourself and prepare for the future ahead

If you are feeling lost in the next steps of your professional development or just need help organizing your goals, then an individual development plan (IDP) is for you! 

Being a Mentor During Grad School

A few weeks ago, Beyond the PhD shared an article on how to find quality mentors to help shape and drive your professional development (read it here). Now, we want to dive a little deeper on the other side of mentorship: how to be a quality mentor. You might be a little hesitant to classify yourself as a mentor, especially if you are still a student or early in your career. Click here to read more!

Reflections from our Spring 2022 Campus Ambassador Program

This past Spring, Beyond the PhD welcomed our first ambassador program cohort. Click to read more about this program!

How to find quality mentors in your PhD and beyond

Click to read some tips and tricks from Natalie Sandlin, Content Manager, Beyond the PhD Ambassador for Boston College for choosing mentors during your career journey.

PhD Transparency

Natalie Sandlin graduate student at Boston College and coordinator of the Beyond the PhD Ambassador Program shares her thoughts on approaching career exploration.

Navigating Science Conversations with Non-Scientists: Holiday Edition

By Natalie Sandlin and Rachel Gilmore For many of us, the winter season, and the various holidays throughout, mean spending extra time with family. With this time comes the sometimes-dreadedContinue reading “Navigating Science Conversations with Non-Scientists: Holiday Edition”

“Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they could ever be alone”

Beyond the PhD recently had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jared Kehe, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Concerto Biosciences, a company focused on creating microbial ensembles to rehabilitateContinue reading ““Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they could ever be alone””

Insights on transitioning from academia to industry

photo: https://www.cell.com/fulltext/S0092-8674(16)30553-0 This month, AIOG had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Clifford J. Woolf who is presently the F. M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Director, Boston Children’s Hospital, and a Neurology/Neurobiology ProfessorContinue reading “Insights on transitioning from academia to industry”

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