AIOG Moving into the Next Decade- upcoming events

My team of post-docs and students at AIOG are so happy to continue to grow our group, and help others figure out what kind of career is right for them. I thought I would reach out and let everybody know what we have coming up in the new year! In January, we have two spectacularContinue reading “AIOG Moving into the Next Decade- upcoming events”

Introduce Yourself: Meet Rob: co-founder of AIOG

My name is Robert Pijewski and I am the co-founder of the Academia-Industry Opportunities Group (AIOG). Read more about me below! Hey all, I’m Rob. I’ve never written a blog post before so let’s give this a try. I am currently a 4th year PhD candidate in Biomedical Science in the Department of Neuroscience atContinue reading “Introduce Yourself: Meet Rob: co-founder of AIOG”