45th Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meeting

Recently, the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) held their 45th annual meeting online. CASE is a non-profit institution that is patterned after the National Academy of Sciences. The institution identifies and studies issues and technological advancements that are of concern to the state of Connecticut. Since the founding of CASE in 1976, the academyContinue reading “45th Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meeting”

AIOG Moving into the Next Decade- upcoming events

My team of post-docs and students at AIOG are so happy to continue to grow our group, and help others figure out what kind of career is right for them. I thought I would reach out and let everybody know what we have coming up in the new year! In January, we have two spectacularContinue reading “AIOG Moving into the Next Decade- upcoming events”

Introduce Yourself: Meet Rob: co-founder of AIOG

My name is Robert Pijewski and I am the co-founder of the Academia-Industry Opportunities Group (AIOG). Read more about me below! Hey all, I’m Rob. I’ve never written a blog post before so let’s give this a try. I am currently a 4th year PhD candidate in Biomedical Science in the Department of Neuroscience atContinue reading “Introduce Yourself: Meet Rob: co-founder of AIOG”