Summer Office Hours

This summer, Beyond the PhD is trying something new. We are offering a program called Summer Office Hours. For 4 years, we have offered seminars, networking events, and opportunities for you to build upon your own working documents. So what is the purpose of this program? Well, like many career development groups, we are offering the chance for you all to meet with us one-on-one to go over anything you’d like, whether it be your resume, your CV, your LinkedIn page, etc. Maybe you want to talk to us about career transitions, or ask us about our experience with academia and industry. Wow, so what’s the catch? – it is FREE. Many other programs make you pay for these services. We don’t think that is necessary. We ARE trainees HELPING other trainees. It has been our mission the whole time. So give us a try, sign up below, and if you’re happy, leave us a warm note to tell others what you thought. 

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