To Master’s or PhD: a beginner’s guide to North America

This article was written to provide some helpful considerations for those interested in applying to graduate programs in the US and Canada.

Cloudy with a Chance of Hermit Crabs

🦀 🏀 Dive into a tale that sounds crazy but holds an incredible lesson! From overtime losses to an artist’s determination, this journey reveals the power of resilience, curiosity, and becoming the ocean. Prepare to be amazed and inspired! 🌊 Read the full story now. #Inspiration #Curiosity #Resilience”

The Importance of Making and Maintaining Connections

The article emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a strong professional network. It suggests that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to connections. It advises connecting with current and past colleagues, as well as individuals in your field of interest. Engaging with your network through platforms like LinkedIn, sharing relevant content, and having face-to-face or virtual meetings can help strengthen relationships. The article highlights the benefits of maintaining an active network, including access to hidden job opportunities. It encourages providing value to your connections without expecting anything in return. The key message is to establish meaningful connections, engage with them over time, and be willing to offer and seek assistance within your network.

🌍 Oh, the places you’ll go! ✈️

Outside of science, one of my passions is to travel and experience new places, cultures, and food. While it may not seem that a career in the sciences or signing yourself up for more school by pursuing a PhD would allow the time or means to explore this interest, I have found that my scientific career has led to many opportunities to travel that I may not have had otherwise. So let me tell you about a few of the ways I have been able to travel within my PhD.

Cracking the Dissertation Code: Insider Tips for Writing Success

The summer months can be a great time to write some papers or even get started on your dissertation. If you are wondering how to begin the process then this article is for you! Written by a PhD graduate to help her peers get the ball rolling.

From PhD to Science Reporter

Have you ever felt like you love reading, writing, and talking about science more than actually doing science? Then science reporting might just be the right career for you, according to Dr. Angie Voyles Askham, a science reporter for Spectrum. Our paths crossed at a neuroscience conference when she wrote an article for Spectrum on my lab’s research. In a recent seminar for Beyond the PhD, Angie talked about her journey, and what made her transition from working at the bench to reporting about it.

An in depth look at IDPs: know yourself and prepare for the future ahead

If you are feeling lost in the next steps of your professional development or just need help organizing your goals, then an individual development plan (IDP) is for you! 

Dr. Seth Garren: How Failures Defined My Value and Enabled My Career

Recently, Beyond the PhD hosted Dr. Seth Garren for a virtual seminar where he detailed the “less glamorous parts of academia and industry.” As a current 4th year PhD student, I found his reflections on challenges, struggles, and failures to be extremely relevant and relatable. After Seth earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Connecticut, he decided to follow the funding which was aggressively being put toward stem cell research in Connecticut. This led him to pursue graduate studies in the Biomedical Science program at UConn Health.

How to Pitch Yourself as a Scientist: Helpful Tips

Beyond the PhD recently hosted a two-part series on elevator pitches. In this article you will find some tips for crafting your own elevator pitch.

Meet Antonio Mele Fall 2022 Beyond the PhD Campus Ambassador

I am passionate about lifestyle medicine and translating advances in precision medicine into specific disease treatments and preventative strategies. As an aspiring Genetic Counselor, I seek to uphold the privilegeContinue reading “Meet Antonio Mele Fall 2022 Beyond the PhD Campus Ambassador”

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