To Master’s or PhD: a beginner’s guide to North America

This article was written to provide some helpful considerations for those interested in applying to graduate programs in the US and Canada.

Cloudy with a Chance of Hermit Crabs

🦀 🏀 Dive into a tale that sounds crazy but holds an incredible lesson! From overtime losses to an artist’s determination, this journey reveals the power of resilience, curiosity, and becoming the ocean. Prepare to be amazed and inspired! 🌊 Read the full story now. #Inspiration #Curiosity #Resilience”

From PhD to Science Reporter

Have you ever felt like you love reading, writing, and talking about science more than actually doing science? Then science reporting might just be the right career for you, according to Dr. Angie Voyles Askham, a science reporter for Spectrum. Our paths crossed at a neuroscience conference when she wrote an article for Spectrum on my lab’s research. In a recent seminar for Beyond the PhD, Angie talked about her journey, and what made her transition from working at the bench to reporting about it.

Confessions of a Perpetual Student

Personal perspective piece from Beyond the PhD Team member Deepa Anjan Kumar.

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