UConn Alumni share their experiences transitioning to industry

The panel on April 26th featured four alumni of the UConn Health Biomedical Sciences PhD program at UConn Health Center in Farmington, Connecticut. The panelists shared their experiences transitioning from their academic training to various positions in industry.

Negotiating Salaries and Job Offers

Navigating negotiations can be a daunting task. When job hunting or accepting a job offer, there are many things to consider. Salaries, benefits, and other aspects such as remote work can all be part of a job offer package. Some people might be tempted to just accept the terms given, but you can negotiate many aspects of a job offer other than just salary. Recently, I took a useful and informative MBA class called Negotiation Strategies. In this course I learned some helpful tips and tricks about negotiations and ways you can get the most out of a job offer that I have compiled to share with you in this article.

Upcoming Event on May 9th: From PhD to Outreach Programming

Next Tuesday, May 9th, Beyond the PhD will feature Dr. Watt. She will share her experience as an Associate Director of the Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs in UConn’s Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine. Click the blog post for link to sign-up to attend.

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