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Insights on transitioning from academia to industry

photo: This month, AIOG had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Clifford J. Woolf who is presently the F. M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Director, Boston Children’s Hospital, and a Neurology/Neurobiology Professor at Harvard Medical School. In addition to these positions, Dr. Woolf is the co-founder of two precision medicine companies, QurAlis and Nocion Therapeutics. His currentContinue reading “Insights on transitioning from academia to industry”

When Disciplines Collide: Career Options in Bioethics and Science Policy

This winter, AIOG has had the pleasure of hosting two science policy professionals for separate seminars: Dr. Zubin Master, an Associate Professor of Biomedical Ethics at the Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Kirstin R.W. Matthews, a fellow in science and technology policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. Both shared their unique career paths through science policy and offered insights as to how to make the transition from PhD to Policy.

45th Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meeting

Recently, the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) held their 45th annual meeting online. CASE is a non-profit institution that is patterned after the National Academy of Sciences. The institution identifies and studies issues and technological advancements that are of concern to the state of Connecticut. Since the founding of CASE in 1976, the academyContinue reading “45th Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering meeting”

From Bench to Boardroom

Andrew Levitt, an Associate patent counsel at Cantor Colburn, gave a virtual presentation for those interested in patent law opportunities on behalf of AIOG.

Monday Madness

Dean Furness discusses how to overcome challenges and why it’s important to stop measuring ourselves against others.

Medical Science Liaison

Do you love being at the front of scientific innovation? Do you love to share and explain science that you are passionate about to people in a digestible manner? Does the idea of traveling to new places and meeting new people appeal to you?  Perhaps, you should consider becoming a Medical Science Liaison.  Last week,Continue reading “Medical Science Liaison”

Careers in Venture Development

Dr. Mostafa Analoui discusses his wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the reality of entrepreneurship and innovation within the field of biomedical science.

Grit is a predictor of success

Angela Lee Duckworth, UPenn, speaks on her career experiences teaching middle school math in a New York public school and how she learned IQ is not a fair assessment of intelligence.

Insights to a career in SciComm

Geoff McGrane, MBA and Raeka Ayar Ph.D. from the New York Stem Cell Foundation visit UConn Health to discuss careers in non-profit institutions for Biomedical Ph.D. students. On Monday November 4th 2019 the Academic-Industry Opportunities Group (AIOG) co-founded by Robert Pijewski and Giulia Vigone Ph.D. hosted a Scientific Communications (aka SciComm) seminar for UConn Biomedical SciencesContinue reading “Insights to a career in SciComm”

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